Summer Picnic at Tilles Park - July 9, 2016



What a great turn-out on 7/9!  All kids, big & small had a great time!!!  For those of you that made it, we are hoping you enjoyed it as much as the Chapter Leadership did with the preparation & execution.  Josh & Josh – thank you very much for the heavy lifting & BBQ prowess!


A quick re-cap / summary of the Annual Chapter Meeting for all that could not make it:

  •          Chapter President: I, Dave Turnbaugh, was re-elected for another term
  •          Chapter Vice-President: Ray Rodriguez, was also re-elected for another term
  •          Shipmate Correspondent / Secretary: Raese Simpson will continue in this capacity
  •          Treasurer: Ted Kretschmar (thank you very much) has been replaced by Joe Piganelli ‘06
  •          Board Members & Special Occasion personnel:

o   Per the By-Laws, we are allowed six (6) Council / Board Members.  All will remain in place.  Mike Carnes, Josh Gann, Ron Hill, David Noble, Josh Rich and Gary Thompson (also our web-master) are currently these Members.

o   Memorial Day Remembrance Coordinator: We are still seeking an individual to assist Mike Dunham and ultimately take over this role.  Please reach out to any Board Member or Officer if you are interested.

  •          Various “fun” events were discussed and all we need is somebody to set these up & execute the plan.  Don’t be shy!  Any / all events will be entertained.
  •          A hard-copy chapter list / roster will not be produced.  Any alum can query National to look-up Shipmates or Classmates.  You can also contact any Board Member or Officer for assistance.
  •          The quickly-approaching football season was discussed.  We are seeking alternate locations (other than Fandango’s) for the general game-watches.  Please send any suggestions directly to Josh Rich @, he is our football coordinator for the ’16 season.  Additional information will be also promulgated SEPCOR for Notre-Dame & USAFA.  Army-Navy will again be @ Ballpark Village this year!
  •          Mike Carnes provided a great update on the STL candidates for the Class of ’20 as well as the NAPSTERs!  We will have these #’s uploaded to the website soon.


We look forward to many more successful years and with your assistance, we will propel the fun-filled event calendar into the next decade.


Please visit the Chapter Website for additional information & gouge on upcoming events @



Spank ‘89

(Picnic photos by Raese Simpson)

Josh cooks his own lunch too.

Can't get much better than this

Who called this meeting?

Picnic anyone?

It's not loaded

Army Navy Game Watch - December 12, 2015 - Navy 21 / Army 17

Thanks to all who made yesterday a huge success!!!  I truly think we have found a good home for Army-Navy & the crowd had more energy this year than we’ve seen in the past!

Attached is the list of grads in attendance.  Raese- please use for your shipmate article (this is the easiest format that I could immediately get the information to you).

Thank you for making the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight feel welcome & the Chapter’s generosity was truly appreciated.

Also, from the Marines on station… they greatly appreciated the toy donations as well as the cash.

In closing, I would estimate Navy had > 100 fans (possibly 150 with the stragglers, friends, Honor Flight crew, etc.) – and Army had the young(er) crowd covered with their contingent of recent grads stationed @ Fort Lost-in-the-Woods… so if I had to provide an overall SWAG of football fans – I’d say close to 300 in the joint crowd.

Thanks again for a great celebration & 14th consecutive victory over the Whoops!!!

Spank ‘89

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PB&J Open Golf - Reported by Raese Simpson '61

Speaking of Dick (Paddy) Padburg ’54, He once again hosted and coordinated the PB&J Open this past September 18th at the Cardinal Golf Course on Scott AFB. This involved bringing together alumni teams from all service academies, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. The price of admission was only $65 and 2 jars each of Peanut Butter and Jelly (for a local food pantry). In addition to a round of golf, this got you a steak dinner and four drinks at the Club House following the event. The All Academy winning foursome following the shot gun start consisted of Rick Roustio ’78, John Hueseman ’78, Greg Hightaian ’80 and Ned Hunter ’81 with a score of -10 (Navy, of course!). Prior to the event Rick Roustio hosted a Navy team get-together at his home to get everybody pumped up. This included any number of snack goodies plus Bloody Mary’s. it was so well done I detect a helping hand from Mary Kay in the back ground! Other participants were Tom Abernathy ’71, Terry Councilor ’70 and Raese Simpson ‘61. Well done Rick and Paddy, thanks for a great event. In our foursome Paddy had the longest put, not bad for the Class of ’54! (Sorry Tom & Terry, you missed the photo op!)

2015 Chapter Picnic in Tilles Park
(photos courtesy of Raese Simpson and Margarette Boley)

Guys, Gals and Kids

Bob ‘70 & Gloria Berger, Sara McCroary 
& Mike Dunham ‘70

Terry Councilor, Bob Berger, Mike Dunham - all ‘70


Josh Rich ’97, Matt McCroary ’81, David Turnbaugh ‘89